The Wallich
Clash of the Corporates

Our cape-able corporate SuperTeams will be given a £50 investment on 11 September 2019. They have 50 days to battle against each other and raise as much money as possible.

Check in on this page regularly and track the teams’ progress as they compete to win awards for “Most Money Raised”, “Most Creative Idea” and “Best Teamwork” by 31 October.


The #COTC19 leaderboard is updated every week. Scroll down to find out how you can help the SuperTeams.

  • 1ISG£1623.78
  • 2Golley Slater£921
  • 3PwC£770
  • 4Royal Educare£320
  • 5Celtic English Academy£155.6

TOTAL: £3790.38









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